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Hundreds of happy London children have passed their Royal Academy of Dance grading exams, ensuring my 100% success rate!
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School Performances

School Performances

Every year, students may take part in various school performances. These may include local west London events, invitations to perform at RAD events across London.
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Royal Academy of Dance

At the Angela Grant School of Dance, we believe that children respond positively to learning ballet in many different ways.
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Meet The Teachers

Holby City actress Rebecca Grant began her career as a dancer in Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical Bombay Dreams in the west end.
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RAD Silver Swans Online Class Video

The Royal Academy of Dance featured Angela’s Silver Swans class on their Youtube Channel, Facebook and website during London’s third lockdown. These classes have been especially developed for older learners so they, too, can take part in ballet classes. Whether you’re an experienced dancer, have briefly dabbled or are a complete novice, older learners are welcome to try out a Silver Swans class. Check out Angela's taster class you can try at home.
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*Angela is a Silver Swans Licensee and teaches online SS classes on a Tuesday at 11am to 12pm GMT. For more information please contact Angela.
Huge congrats on the show yesterday, Angela, a total credit to the rapport and respect you have amongst pupils
and parents alike that you could draw such a crowd and deliver such a high standard production.
It really was fantastic, I hope you're still basking in the satisfaction of a job well done.
We are completely overwhelmed by the incredible show. The girls are so full of dancing today... they have had me find all the pieces of music from the show on Apple Music and have danced them all for anyone who will watch. The loveliest thing is that they are asking me if they can ever be like miss Angela's daughter and be an enchantress or a champagne dancer. They both want to keep going... I am sure it was a lot for you but you have just made one of the biggest memories ever for all these children. Their programmes are going to school with them tomorrow and they want to show all their friends. I honestly have never seen them so proud of themselves. Thank you so much and hope you relax a bit this week!
- Vanessa X -
I know the work that goes into a production like that.... and it was a lot of hard work. You are so brilliant and creative!!! Congratulations and Keep going!!! You made so many parents and children happy and inspired the next generation of dancers to fall in love with their craft. Meeting Rebecca was pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world of Dance, it opened my eyes to so much creativity I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. On the plane on the way home I watched only 1 move, black swan!!! The dedication you, Rebecca and your students have to your craft is really awe inspiring. Can't wait to get back! I want to see a real ballet show!!
- Conchitita Herrera -
What an amazing show you created yesterday, we were all blown away! As usual you excelled, the choreography was brilliant, and the dancing beautiful! Well done you- the costumes were also amazing, I don't know how your mum does it. I hope you can have a well deserved rest now!!
- Sally Pollock -
Dear Angela, just to tell you how we enjoyed your performance. The children were beautiful. The dances so imaginative. Music perfectly chosen. You really proved yourself as a great teacher and putting your heart into all this. Have a nice rest now. All your family also worked very hard. The costumes very so colourful and hard work for your mother.
- Love Milica and Milena -
You pulled 70 delightful rabbits out of the hat and we could not have enjoyed the Gala more! Thank you for all your hard work Violet has really come on in the time she has been with you ! She was so happy and thrilled with the balloons, as were her brothers! Thank you and your mother for all Your artistic endeavours for our children and grandchildren! With warmest Congratulations
- Zamira -
We were all blown away by your Gala today! Your professionalism and the fact that you were able to get 70 kids to give us adults so much pleasure. ‼ The children had beautiful costumes made I heard by your mother. What a talented lady! And the little princesses looked so pretty as did all the girls with their hair in chignons. Thank you for such a special afternoon, and all the balloons which Violet and her brothers were thrilled to have, as you can see!
-Jane Doe-

Angela Grant School of Dance Youtube Channel

Spend a day in the life of a ballet teacher and see how she pays her passion forward on Lifestyle Network's 24x24.

Watch Now
Watch Now

Check out this teaser video about Angela Grant principal of The Angela Grant School of Dance. Spend a day in the life of a ballet teacher and see how she pays her passion forward on Lifestyle Network's 24x24. The full version of this documentary can be found on the About Angela page.

Rebecca Grant

Holby City actress Rebecca Grant began her career as a dancer in Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical Bombay Dreams in the west end. Previously, at the Morrison School of Dance in Nottingham.
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Abigail Mendonca

Abigail went to stage school at the age of seven where she first trained in ballet and dance. As a teenager Abigail was cast in the English Youth Ballet productions of Coppelia and The Nutcracker.
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Angela Grant (RAD RTS) is one of a trio of performing sisters, namely Rebecca Grant (Holby City) and Rachel Grant (Die Another Day). She was trained with her sisters from an early age by Miss Nora Morrison MBE at the Nora Morrison School of Dance in Nottingham . She went on to train at the prestigious Elmhurst Ballet School and then at the London Studio Centre.

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